Refer the Awesome Men you Know to the FREE men's course

Here is the link to cut & paste and offer men you see could use some support and ALL men are in norm recovery, just like we are so there is no man that wouldn't benefit.

Additionally, as you now know there are lessons I teach men that the culture just doesn't...YET!

No shame they don't know some stuff...until you offer them the course and they refuse to do it...that is truly sad and shameful behavior.

if they don't respect you enough to take your recommendation and they are not interested in personal growth then why are they in your life??? Stage 1-3 looping people and Stage 4 and beyond people are a epic mis-match.

Cut & Paste this to offer them. Then get unattached to the outcome, but gather the data you need about their choices to decide if you want to continue to be in their life. >>>