What is the point of studying content originally designed for men?

You will receive access to a fresh and refreshing perspective or validation on what you always suspected was a better way to do our important relationships, especially with yourself as a woman. The gift of this is hope and confidence you may then choose to extend to others ....which is living compassion.

You will begin to self-identify as a high value woman and with that evolved way of living, comes high value issues to over come. Like limited population of men that have leveled up in the same way as you have. It is just true that men that evolve themselves create a much wider selection of women to choose from, but when women level up we price ourselves out of most of the dating market and outgrow our marriages.

See, for there to be sexual polarity the man must be and enjoy his position of loving leadership and stay a bit "ahead" of his woman in so far as providing her unique support for emotional stability and opening her body to him. The world is a man's oyster if he knows what I teach, because he can take almost any woman that is attracted to him and bring her along in a process that produces lasting attraction/respect and acceptance and high regard. In sexual relationships the man must lead and the woman surrender to his leadership for it to work. In all other areas of life it is beneficial that a man know how to utilize Change Her Mood, NOT Her Mind and my other lessons in all areas of his life, but only his sexual relationships depend on his staying slightly more savvy and on top of things than his lover if she is to remain open to him sexually.

When women do their work to evolve themselves personally and also learn what men need to know to open a woman like them, they out distance most men and the dating market place for her gets very small due to the average man having no clue about the things I teach.

Oh a douche bag knows how to open our body and we will settle for that from time to time becasue a whole, consciously awake and integrated man is a rare find indeed.

Many women find a solution to this lack of whole men by choosing a stable provider and an occasional lover on the side or she will proceed to dumb down her personal growth efforts to match his and start to numb out sexually so she can cope with staying with a provider type that doesn't know how to meet her emotionally and open her sexually.

When a woman tries to lead a man and teach him, beyond just her subtle preferences, she will find that the attraction polarity energy will be killed. Oh he may still want sex from her, but her body will not fully open in desire for what she can not follow ie surrender safely into. She becomes his teacher/coach/mentor/healer woman, not his cherished lover.

Worse than this is, of course, the unconscious, unevolved woman that becomes a man's mommy-wife and can only see that making him small and manageable is her way to stay safe and stable.

We have all done it and once conscious of how the norm promotes this fear driven and subtle from of emasculation, hopefully you will, like me, vow to never partake of it again. It is, of course, a false sense of security. This illusion of security is easy to fall into since it is the most statically common way for women to attach to men and provide for their children in our current culture.

This is a common thing, because most people don't know the things I teach men and will reveal to you in this course. It is only through taking on the next step in female consciousness development that we can dissolve our own frustration, have the skills and motivation to nurture men along and the compassion to share with our children, other women and the world to create solutions rather than wallow in frustration.

We as a generation of wide wake and healing women, must be the ones to solve our own high quality problems.