Tips to Maximize this Online Course & Link to Join Support Group

Tips to Maximize this Online Course

1) Be sure to click "Complete and Next" at the top right corner of the pages to track progress for qualification/screening purposes as well as a place holder for yourself.

2) This is often a lot to take on so it is recommended that you take the sections in digestible bites and set a schedule for yourself each week to complete a portion. You may also want to give a shout-out to the group to see who is just on a certain topic and start a completion challenge with them and/or discussion to maximize retention and grasping subtleties.

4) Complete at the minimum the fly-on-the-wall, the CHMNHM and the Alison Armstrong sections before you apply to the Women Learning to Love Men UP group.

5) If this work is not appealing and exciting to you then your motivation to be in a relationship or dating right now may be too low to motivate you to really dig into this work and certainly much lower than necessary to recover a declining marriage.

This issue of depression and inner motivation will need to be addressed in private Mind/Body coaching sessions and/or another mental health professional intervention before this pack fully serves you.

If you are feeling de-motivated and the content isn't calling to you then please communicate this directly to Michelle or in the group so we can support you in this core matter.