Why would a woman benefit from learning what I teach men?

"... what you teach applies to all genders. We as a whole have become so disengaged from our bodies and what it's attempting to tell us. In addition, having someone explain why I as a woman will "bring drama", not because I'm just crazy, but as a response to feeling not safe and secure in the presence of my man. That was huge. It allowed me to check myself and re-frame my response to the situation. I now have conversations as opposed to arguments." -Victoria

"I learn a lot about men from what you teach and post, and it helps me be clear in what I want in a relationship and also how to interact with men better, so that I can have more success in finding a real relationship and avoiding the stupid guys. I am one that likes validation (social proof), so even if I know in my own mind that a guy is behaving like a douchebag, it helps for me to hear others say the same things about guys as what I am thinking about guys, so I can go, "ah yes, so I read that one right". One more thing, when I read what you post to the men, if makes me feel less crazy." - Michelle

"...so far has really helped me to gain mental clarity about a lot of behavior patterns that were causing toxic drama in my relationships. For me, gaining mental clarity about why men (and women) do what they do was the first step in understanding the "crazy" emotional responses I was having in my relationships, and being able to give name to feelings and to identify certain behaviors (like tests, for example). Understanding these things gave me huge relief and also helped me to get over past relationship hurts. Also, it is so so important for anyone considering "dating" to upgrade their relationship skills! You'd be a fool to go out there unarmed with this info! Also, Michelle inspires you to get real clear on who you are, to speak your truth and be your authentic self - which is absolutely crucial for healthy relationships." - Angela

"I had the opportunity to answer this when my niece asked me why I would study coursework designed for men. Your coursework digs deep to our primal need for sex and security and validates why we seek out a partner in the first place. Then it unravels all the social bullshit patterns, rules and shame that we have unconsciously picked up and been acting out with each other that are actually counter intuitive to getting those primal needs met. Lastly it replaces the bullshit with empowerment - how to be our best self and bring that to the relationship without the fear or attachment that living in the present moment lends." - Amber