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I recommend Review at least half the content in this guide before your session but that isn't required.

#3 OPTIONAL Enhancement Prep

Review A- D below

Remember, there are no "right" answers, only starting points to unpack your situation and co-create solutions together.

(A) Describe how it feels when you are in the suffering stage.

What words come to mind?

Where do you feel it most in your physical body?

(B) Who do you blame, look toward as needing to change and/or what do you try to change in them or the environment to reduce or eliminate or reduce your pain? What do you wish was different so you could get some relief?

(C) What do you say to yourself and what actions or comforts do you return to, once you have settled upon what you think the problem is? 

(D) When do you feel the most strong and sure of yourself? 

I'm looking forward to working alongside you to reach your empowered love life goals!