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Norm Recovery NGS Quiz

While this quiz is heavily influenced by the old NGS quiz, I am shifting my focus away from the term Nice Guy Syndrome because:

(a) while the norm does make us ill on so many levels, I feel labeling men as having a "syndrome" isn't as helpful as it might actually be dis-empowering

(b) guys that come in the Dr Glover door to my work tend to be guys that don't want to learn the solution (CHMNHM) but wallow in the insulation that the NGS label offers them so they avoid the solution and growth. Round and round I watch them go.

(c) Men that wallow in their NGS often do so to join the club of the NGS community as a means to feel a sense of belonging somewhere, just like the PUAs or the Tantra/Spiritual Sex or the Sex Hobbyist men do. They get that inclusive feeling and stop there, going round and round still stuck in the norm just now using a new sub culture rule book.

(d) my focus is on the recovery aspect and moving forward to the better way, not just as individuals but with a bigger picture perspective that the world will change if we all become whole as human beings and cultivate healthy relationships.

(e) we are ALL in recovery from the Norm, we ALL have our part, but my sense is that if we don't have more free men leading with wisdom, clarity and their healed hearts open, then women, children and the planet will continue to suffer.

So, no pressure or anything. LOL

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Norm Recovery NGS Quiz

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