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  Intro Session Goals & Next Steps

Please try to complete all the content in this course prior to your Intro Session.

If you don't that's ok but you MUST have at least the Change Her Mood NOT Her Mind audios listened to and the written assignment ready to bring with you to the Intro session.

We will determine, together what the best next steps for you might be at this session.

If you decide to do a program of study with me you can think of our time together like you and I are in partnership, conducting a social experiment in your life and with your most important relationships and with your cellular level body processing than it is any sort of "therapy".

It is more like a college class where I am your private tutor.

You will do homework between our sessions and in the sessions we will process what you learned and discuss how to actively apply it to you real life right away.

Observation is exciting when you know what you are looking for and have someone safe to share your findings with over time.

This mini course is a carefully selected collection of core teachings designed to enhance our time together, maximize the bodywork portion of the session, increase self discovery through introspection and application of new-found insights.