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  Mind/Body Private Coaching Programs for Men

There are 2 options for men to gain additional support and clarity.

* 15 week content drip with an option of flexible Skype or in-office consults and free access to an online study, discussion and coaching group. $800 with a 4 month payment plan.


* a 7 session private coaching program uniquely tailored for men and that feel they are at a cross roads in their long term, committed relationships.

This program is for men that are certain they want to re-hab their declining relationship or that want to get to a place of peace that they did all they could before moving on.

This program is also perfect for men that do not want to repeat the same mis-steps in their next relationships, but are not clear on how to ensure that.

This series of coaching sessions and interactive materials will help you develop the mindset and relating skills everyone needs, but our culture has yet teach the mainstream.

You will learn the how and the why of sustaining mature, mutually uplifting relationships and cultivate the capacity to navigate the depth of a truly intimate, liberating long term relationship.

more well-being,
more freedom,
save massive amounts of time,
save money,
save heartache,
increase pleasure,
reduce pain
and save the frustration of the conventional dating/mating market
by upgrading to something far, far better.

Most clients complete this program of study in 4-6 months.

$3800 in-person with Embodiment Integration
$2800 Skype with online coursework

Connect with Michelle Terrell for coaching for men.