Power ON your Inner Guidance System

~ Discovering Your Heart Activated Core Essence ~

All our relationships are meant to serve our higher good through self discovery.

Romantic relationships are the pinnacle of this self realization work becasue they take us deep into our triggers but usually in an unconscious and counter productive way.
In coaching work, we will consciously seek out these clues and triggers so you can walk forward in awareness and I can support you with education and insights to take the emotional charge off of some things and encourage others to come to the forefront to be used in constructive ways.

As you connect deeper and deeper, more layers of your past conditioning and repressed trauma will come to the surface.

The layers are mostly unconscious and can only be seen when you're triggered or coached into them.

This is a gift our relationships offer us naturally.

Once you gain comfort with this process you will never take anything as a personal attack in your relationship ever again and you will be able to step into sticky situation with confidence in your core essence to guide you.

Because without recognizing these fear-based patterns embedded in your very being that are passed down in a collective unconscious conditioning from generation to generation...

...they stay locked in your subconscious and manipulate you into functioning as a person starving for connection...and you are not sure to what and with who.

For some this painful sense of disconnect can go on their entire life.

But when you gain awareness of these patterns, you then gain the potential to shift them.

You gain the potential to put an end to the connection famine you have been feeling...

And you gain the potential to finally...

Live Free.

You can finally BE love in action becasue you are now able to operate from a clear set of Heart Activated Core Standards that guide every step you take in life.

These Core Essence Values and are referenced from within YOU. Once you know them you are free.
You will never:
feel the neediness rise up in you again to search out an external rule book to follow,
you will no longer be a slave to guess work in relating with others,

you will no longer feel lost and confused in your romantic relationships.

Once identified, examined and integrated you own these Core Essence Values at a conscious level. They were always written on your heart, but now you are wake to them and the master of how they are used.
They are with you where ever you go (they always were) and will serve you in whatever situation you find yourself in with any person in the world....even with that amazing woman you are so into.
That one special woman that seems sent to drive you nuts, that you would normally loose yourself to and struggle to maintain your connection to yourself when you are around. It is with her that you must be most connected to your Heart Activated Core Essence.
You will now be able to frame all her confounding female emotional ups and downs and "demands" upon you, as a call to your refinement.
You will see that she is simply extending an invitation to discover more about yourself and to gain practice reinforcing who you REALLY are as a Heart Activated Free Man that guides his own life from his Core Essence.

Written Assignment:
If you are enrolled in private coaching sessions bring with you for your first IN-Program session at follows your Intro Session. If not then you may want to schedule a single session to walk this assignment out with Michelle.

List one or two examples of each:

1) a time when you felt a quick reaction or sense of indignation come up in you that you may have later questions yourself on being an over reaction.

2) a situation you witnessed or movie scene you viewed that put you in a state of awe, that made your spirit soar and maybe your chest lift.

3) a time you experienced welling up behind your eyes or weepy becasue you were so moved.