Breaking Through and Letting Go of Old Baggage Using Spinal Unwinding

Letting go of old baggage with a combo of Core Self Examination + Spinal Unwinding Bodywork

"So I just finished coaching session with Michelle and it was by far the best one and I need to share the power with everyone. In the session we found a connection of my father's regret that I was carrying and was even try to use it with my ex's poor choices affecting my children. A 30 year weight lifted. But even more powerful was the body work. At one point while moving my head my neck locked and would not let Michelle move it any more. Realizing this instantly I focused on breathing but my muscle still resisted. Then Michelle said something funny about our talk and I smiled a bit and instantly my neck suddenly relaxed Michelle was able to move my neck wherever she wanted.

This then happened with my leg and second time with my neck. Each time my muscle locking up and only relaxed when she made me laugh about our session. Even more interesting is that my neck has been stiff all week from camping this weekend. It was not breathing or massaging that relaxed body but letting go of emotional hold up.

The power of the body connection to your emotions is unreal. But at the same time the most real thing I felt in a long time. Unbelievable breakthrough for me Michelle and I can't thank you enough. Guys, learning the power of the mind body connection is profound and just waiting for you to grab it by the balls and rule your kingdom!!!" - Kieth Horne

"3rd session with Michelle today and it took until now for me to be able to put words to the experience, words that at least feel somewhat accurate.

I walked in feeling foggy and uncertain, just kind of uncomfortable in my own skin. We explored my heart virtues based on patterns of that which has enraged me, given me goosebumps, and caused me to well up emotionally throughout my life. I felt such a sense of relief and excitement as I uncovered a consistent pattern that not only added up intellectually but felt completely TRUE at a very deep level. I can't describe the body work other than to say it was something that I have never experienced before. Hopefully in time I'll be able to express the connection, depth and intensity that seemed to flow through me.

I've felt slightly off center or slightly out of alignment for as long as I can remember. Kind of like a lens that's slightly out of focus or a radio station that you just can't quite properly tune in. I left today and that feeling was gone. It's five hours later and what's taken it's place is just a feeling of being reconnected or whole. I keep waiting for it to fade, like I still doubt it but it's not fading. Funny thing is I know the doubt is just my brain fucking with me, I can feel that it's not going to fade.

Plenty more work to do but man today was a good day!

Grateful!'" - Russel Enright

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