Conscious vs Unconscious Sexual Expression

Conscious Sex...and I'm not talking bout that neo tantra crap so don't ask!

When you are unconscious about what makes sex great (beyond the mundane pay off) and you stumble upon a random occurrences of awesomeness sexually, you will always wrongly attribute that to yourself, your partner or the uniqueness of your random chemistry combo and potentially make a big mess of things.

This mis-placed credit is what will causes a man to leave his family for the side chick, a woman b ecome obsessed with winning over a man's favor that is abusive to her and other wonderful hot messes people get themslevs into when they practice unconscious sex.

Most marriages that are held in such holy high regard by religion and social norms are practicing unconscious sex.

Where is the god in this?
Where is the power in this?
Where is the mutual exchange of Life Force in this?
Where is the intense pleasure and healing we are designed for in this?

If you don't consciously know how to generate mutually healing and beneficial sex consistently, then you are having god-less sex (cut off from pro= positive, creation = god-like stuff energy) and I don't give a fuck how married, socially committed and in love you are.

Those labels and emotional altered states don't suddenly make you conscious sexually nor even create a safe space for surrendered exploration... a CHOICE to go beyond the primal and be awake in every area of your life does!

You are either able to pull it off consistently becasue you know the how and the why on every level or you can't...yet.

If one human is capable then we all are. I know a few people that are free.

Sexual release becomes a man's frantic neediness not just for approval, stress relief but to re-connect with his felt sense...his emotional life!

This is why sex isn't very motivating for women when he isn't in touch with his emotional life/body sensations but instead (and with all good intention) is addicted to her response as validation and as overt signs of permissions giving.

No matter how much you respect this women she will only be able to feel your sex with her as her being a cum spittoon until you can connect to your body felt sense.

She may have enough love and lack of knowledge as to what it is she is missing to keep on having sex with you, but it will never go deeper or feel as fulfilling as possible for her if YOU can't feel into YOU....FIRST and Foremost!

You ready to get started?