Fight or Flight & Mind/Body Integration

None of what you will learn in this course will work with women if you are not emotionally stable FIRST and have developed a strong felt sense connection of Mind AND Body!

Your mind and body are NOT separate and men that are integrated are the men in charge of their lives fully and able to fully enjoy their lives, relationships and sex.

100% of my clients over the last 20 years present with some level of fight or flight triggers over active int heir body causing their mind to not function in the moment as well (sluggish in response time and reduced in creative expression) as blocking their capacity to be sexually present.

The fight-or-flight response (also called the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response [in PTSD], hyperarousal, or the acute stress response) is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. It was first described by Walter Bradford Cannon. The key term here is "perceived threat". There is no acual threat but the cleint has becoem signifnalt efected by stress that this auto respose has its switch flipped into the ON postion or is beign flipped in less than idela times.

You can't process emotions if you have a significant disconnect to the felt sense in your body. >>> If you can't process emotions you get stuck in your head. >>>> If you stay stuck in your head you will have a less than potent sex life and less than smooth go of it with women.

Your mind is just a processor of what data the body collects and attaches a nerve vibration/activation. This data comes to us through our senses...hearing, sight, touch, scent, taste.

All these senses collect our data for our emotional intelligence (intuitive sense) that then gets sent up to the brain to be converted into a verbal response or decision. If there is an emotional blockage or a physical injury this communication will be slow, sluggish or next to none existent.

Men that are great with women are men that can think on their feet and feel into the women and the whole environment. Men that struggle with women have a block they need to seek help from a mind/body practitioner to resolve.

When cut off from this felt sense you will go searching for intellectual data and the responses of others to guide you. It is impossible in this blocked state to be able to guide yourself thus her. It be a great husband, father, date, freind , lover you must be able to guide yourself and have enough presences to guide a woman as well.

Sexually vulnerability makes men easy targets for manipulation by women and men that have more mastery over their felt sense and every thing you will learn in this course than you do.

Guys that live mostly referenced form their head and others direction struggle the most with management of their sexual lives. They become compartmentalized and when their sexual need gets "too strong" to resist they will finally listen to and go to the body to make that sensation go away becasue it is uncomfortable and tortuous to them. It isn't something to fully enjoy it or really connect deeply with, only something to use for brief escapism. Sexual turn on becomes a burden and an arousal something to get rid of in a man that has a felt sense disconnect.

In my almost 20 years of helping men get great with women I have yet to have one of the thousands have good blood supply to the sub conscious brain putting them in constant fight or flight while at the same time showing up in body language as face forward pleasers.

The goal in any healing arts therapy is to:

A) Learn to receive to be able to be a great giver in their lives
B) Learn to be at their edge of practice
C) To help the client achieve a state of letting go that allow for the switch to be switched between the active alert state of burning energy in the Sympathetic Nervous System to settling into the into the the pleasure and restoration state in the Parapathetic Nervous System.