Own IT! Warning! None of this works if you are not emotionally stable FIRST!

This video is a great example of using touch, humor and commanding presence all at once to shift her mood instead of the thing most men do which is attempt to convince her with words.

But how did he get to this point with her? How is it she trusts him with her emotional life and respects his authority to help her stabilize and calm her mood so she can get back into her right state of mind?

Now, his comment about the ice cream would have felt demeaning to MY sensibilities, but not hers. Every woman is different in this way but the same in her need to lean into men for her emotional anchoring.

So how did he have success in this moment?

#1 He knows himself.
#2 He know how to center and stabilize himself
#3 He has stayed open to learning about her

He knows what he wants his life to be like becasue he has examined it as you are doing here with this course.

He has invested in practices that help him stay calm, centered and present in his body thus the moment matte how escalated the emotions may run.

He knows what will make HER smile and laugh because prior this moment his was paying attention which is what presence is and what is required for great sex and a great life with women.

This can only happen when a man is truly curious about the woman prior to her having an emotional flare up.

When men only see women as a thing to get something from...approval, sex, domestic services, affection, attention and are not genuinely interested in HER, curious about women in general, he will fail to be present. Just how it works.

There are many reasons a man is not able to be present in his life and body (where our emotional life happens) and coaching is a great way to untangle all of that with professional support.

Your Body IS your Emotional Life Storehouse

You can't have great sex when your mind and body are fighting each other.

Whenever someone labels your ache, pain or imbalance of the body as being due to stress, what they are really saying is, your emotional life is seeking ways to express. Ways that you have not been providing a constructive outlet for consciously, for a significant enough amount of time (differs for each of us) that there is now a "high alert" message being sent through your physical being. It is seeking your attention to a connection with your emotional life via your bodily imbalance/pain/restriction.shutdown/aches.

My work is mind AND body for this reason and many more. For every hour you study with your intellect you need to provide 2 hours of attention to you emotional/physical discharge and real time practices if you want mastery.