The One Thing That will Change EVERYTHING with Women & Life - Change Her Mood NOT Her Mind -

Learn How to Partner Successfully with Women and Enhance Every Area of Your Life


Are you frustrated watching douchebags, half-wits
and less than honorable men seemingly getting ahead
while you play by the rules and continue to miss out?

Would you like your decency to win out for once?

Well it can,
once you know the secret
these other men know

combine it with

your own well examined,
personal set of core values
some basic knowledge
your father and society
never could have taught you.

NOW is YOUR time!

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What if I offered you the master code that
converts female "crazy" emotions
into something predictable and useful to your life
brought you into alignment so your
decency and fairness as a man
finally paid off?

Learn 3 simple steps to converting
the very thing that frustrates
so many men,
into a practice for building self respect
as well as loyalty and desire
in women,
your work life,
with your peers
with your children

React or Respond?
If you can master this with women
you can master it in every area of your life!

Convert your confusion into deeply satisfying, constructive
forward motion in every area of your life!

Be Proactive!
Be a Stable Influence in a Unstable World!

Live and Leave a Legacy of Hope and Empowerment
through all your important relationships!

Gain Influence and Respect
just keep attracting more
Confusion and Disconnect

You have a choice to make as a man...

This simple re-key coding on your response to her
emotional life is so simple,
yet so potent,
women can't help but become deeply motivated
and desire to open on every level to your influence.


Women crave amazing Sex & Lasting Passion for Life, just like men do.


Women just need a little help from men to crack open their full sexy radiance.


Women require assistance to access their deeply buried femininity
bursting for permission to
be released.

Female turn-on and desire to partner fully with a man is DIRECTLY
tied to your capacity to provide her emotional life good stewardship.

Most men have No Idea how simple it is.....

Change Her Mood, NOT Her Mind!
as a natural lifestyle
is the
foundation to everything else in your life journey with
women, work, purpose, peers and parenting.

" I had no idea what a test was....checking in....female unconscious behavior.
I thought it was wildly illogical bitching and complaining with intent to manipulate.

I'm having a great time with it now, finding and meeting women open to learning about these instinctual concepts.

Lots of fun opening each other up and seeing how deep it goes just for the joy of doing it. It really is sexy as hell when they start picking up on it." - Roger, member of The Integrated Man group

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Where progressive solutions and caveman camp fire come together

Have always felt like the odd man out?

I believe this is because you never did belong to our current system of indecency and dysfunction.
Of course it felt weird to you.

You weren't born to be there.
You were never going to fit in there.
You are a decent, thinking, fair human being.
You are a weirdo in that way, just like me.

Your tribe just hadn't show up yet. But we are assembling now and us weirdos don't hang out with those broken folks, so very desperate and preoccupied with trying to belong to a broken system.

Welcome to steps toward creating your own chosen tribe. You know taking steps to be who you truly are doesn't mean you don't love and honor your birth tribe, right? It simply means you seek to be your own man, a free man. A man that has examined his inner life and stands on his integrity in all he does.

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Your Instructor

Michelle Terrell
Michelle Terrell

Michelle Terrell has been a health and wellness coach since 1995. In those years she has collected data and the real life testimonials of thousands of good men, just like you, that were feeling lost and confused in their love lives

My workshop students dubbed me The Pistol Whip Hippie because my
teaching/coaching style is irreverent, in your face and radically honest (the Pistol Whip part) with the follow up being supportive nurturing awakened energy (the Hippie part) that inspires men to strive to be their very best.

All my degrees and credentials aside, my greatest asset toward helping you on your journey is that I am an attractive women and I am willing to tell it to you straight. I wake up each day filled with passion and excited for the progress of my clients.

What is of most value to me, beyond any of my many academic accomplishments is the good faith of the men that have been in my care. It has been my honor and at times my burden to serve men, but always a learning experience. It's the men themselves that have shown up to teach me what I needed to know to become a master teacher in this work.

Class Curriculum

  Why it is so Vital that your Personal Growth work be Mind AND Body.
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  Forgiving Women & Forging Friendships
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  It's Not Our Fault. The Norms Set Us Up for Failure.
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  a bit about porn use, sex for hire and martial obligation sex and how it destroys a man's spirit
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Your Hook up to ...The Future of Love
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Next Steps Beyond this Course in your Personal Growth ....
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