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  Sessions/Modules and Pricing

Each module is a 90min or 3 hour session with Michelle to process the online lessons. The first session is an Intro to the work and to each other. It is a time for me to do some intake mind and body as well as give you some insights so you can hit the ground running in your life right away. It is a time for us to co-create a plan for you to move forward if it seems like a good fit for us both.

We do this through meaningful conversation, guided mediation and healing bodywork designed specifically to create integration on a cellular level and sensation-awareness.

Each module = a Session

$97 Session Deposit to hold your appointment
or to just get the online module (balance due at time of session)

$197 for 90 min session with online module

$297 for a 3 hour session with online module

It is completely flexible!
Go at your own pace or schedule regular appointments.

Module 1 - The Power of Mind/Body Integration
* The Body Electric - Sensation Awareness Rules!
* The Sub-Conscious vs Conscious Mind
* Avoiding Covert Contracts & Being Used by Scandalous Hos
* Part 1 &2 of the Change Her Mood, NOT Her Mind core lessons for relationship sucess

Module 2- The Process & The Programming
* Letting Go of Boyhood Wounds Through Your Current Journey with Women
* What is Emotional Processing and Why Learn How To Do It?

Module 3 - The One Thing That Changes EVERYTHING
* Understanding Cave Boy/Girl Primal Instincts Brings Massive Peace
* Change Her Mood Not Her Mind is the Secret Key to Everything Sexy & Joyful
* Secret to Lasting Relationships is Linked to the Break-Up Recovery Process

Module 4 - Becoming a Norm-Busting Rebel
* Rebelling Against the Emasculated Marriage Norm
* Intro to NEW The Illuminated Relationship Model

Module 5 - The Secret to Lasting Attraction
* Advanced Change Her Mood NOT Her Mind
* The Value in Her Female "Drama"

Module 5 - The Secret to Lasting Attraction
* Cultivating Lasting Passion
* Creating a Motivation-Rich Relationship

Module 6 - Developing a Conscious Cock
* The Conscious Cock
* Secrets of Longevity
* Intro to Illuminated Sex

Module 7 - The Taoist Methods for Sexual Revitalization
* Ebb & Flow of Sexual Energy Practices
* 9 Energies of Chi Activation
* Over flowing Ching & Vanishing Ching

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