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  Did you find my ad on Back Page? Watch this video....

I do not seek to understand men,

but to be understanding with men.


You are not the first man to find me while feeling isolated, desperate
looking for something else he THINKS will help, but NEVER will.

I have run my ads on Back page for 18 years and have had the privilege
of working along side the very best of men I met there.

Good men that have just found themselves heart broken
and in need of loving care, but not knowing where to turn.

They were searching for a short term, temporary fix and instead
found me and lasting relief at their very core.

If you are not the average Back Page guy
you are invited to watch this video
and then be in touch for a
FREE 15 min phone consult.

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I use a combination of compassionate conversation
and a form of energetic healing bodywork.

My session is a powerful combination of
nurturing healing arts therapies,
insights and education
carefully designed to help my
clients become integrated mind/body.

Coaching ISN'T about ....
doing the flashy, superficial quick fixes.
competing with other guys for the hot women.
making women the sole focus of your life.

Coaching IS about...

UNDOING the bullshit beliefs and habits that
keep you from owning and expressing your value.

mindsets that set a rock-solid foundation for your life.

the seeing how EASY and FUN dating
life can be when you're not getting in your own way.

You get to live the life you want.

You get to have the relationships you want.

You get to be the amazing man that you are.

But it all comes down to knowing what to stop doing,
what to keep doing, and what to start doing.

If you're tired of the results you keep getting (or not getting),
then fill out a request form for a brief phone consultation
and let's have a chat.

You might be one conversation away from getting
the support you need to create life you deserve.

And YOU need to make the choice,
to take the action toward your best life.

Request a FREE 15 min phone consult here>>>
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I have been a licensed healing arts therapist for 20 years,
but what I do now is much more potent and very different
than any conventional massage or spa experience
that most people have ever had.

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