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  Perks that come with this course

1) you will receive access to a fresh and refreshing perspective or validation on what you always suspected was a better way to do our important relationships, especially with your self as a man. The gift of this is hope and confidence you may then choose to extend to others ....which is living compassion.

2) you will receive the option of applying to join the Men Leading as Champions of the Heart online discussion group. Be sure to click "Complete and Next" at top right corner of pages to track progress for this qualification/screening purpose. There you will have access to men just like you that are struggling with the same issue or have worked to conquer them through these materials/coaching/and life experiences. You also receive access to Michelle and her coaching team all day long, every single day of the year.

3) you will receive access to VIP upgrades such as discounts on coaching, fresh new resources added to the Love Life Level UP group weekly, access pass to twice a month online group LIVE classes, monthly fireside meeting and local workshops.

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