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The 1,2,3 of Providing Women Emotional Leadership

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OK did he do my Mastery of Motivated Men program and then do a TED Talk on it???

emotional 2x4 = your divorce feelings of being a social failure + loosing half your shit + loosing access to your children + loosing the girlfriend after your divorce + my pistol whip
wellness/wholeness/masculine emotional intelligence/loving leadership = fireside + mind body integration body/energywork +boyhood wound processing + core integrity examination+ female instincts education + lasting attraction secrets + embodiment of presence training + heart awakening care with open women walking along side you.
You are now capable of mentoring the youth and guiding the women in accessing their full intuitive feminine super powers, which meets your base need for respect and acceptance in the tribe.
The fixation on mommy approving of you drops away, the sexual neediness slavery drops away and you become your most powerful, whole self.
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He uses the term "Dyslexia of the body" which is all of my clients and NGS guys. This is why the bodywork is SO important.

When I demo lifting the base of your skull off your neck and the client points his face to the ceiling (doing the exact opposite...putting the base of his skull closer to the floor and on the neck) then I know you wiring is mixed up and there is little all that head knowledge will be able to serve you until you get that re-wired.

Ask to join the tribe and be part of the local fireside monthly meets too >>> Men Leading as Champions of the Heart